Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna "pulls" not only water, but excess fat (up to 20 percent). This helps to combat cellulite, improves metabolism. Systematic visits to assist in regulating body weight. Positively affect circulation and achieve a satisfactory skin tone. Just like traditional saunas, the infrared helps in removing toxins from the body, such as nicotine or alcohol. While the traditional sauna session we want to go to bed, after a visit in the infrared we are full of energy. Infrared Saunas are not for everyone. Contraindications are similar to those in traditional cabins: pregnancy, circulation problems, varicose veins, sunburn, hemophilia and open wounds.

Back to Mambo

Mambo is a social dance originating in Cuba and was founded in the twentieth century. Was launched by the composer and cellist Orestes Lopez, who created the song known as "Mambo" was a style of Cuban rhythms mixed with African rhythms from the South American street. In the forties came in the clubs of Havana and then very quickly gained recognition in the United States. It has become very popular in New York in many dance clubs and competitions. Starting his style was quite extravagant with a number of acrobatic figures with expressive use of arms, hands, head and legs. With time, has been stripped of most of the acrobatic elements. It's quite a popular dance in the world and it is characterized by delicate, very subtle movements. Very characteristic of mamba movements are performed at the hip. This is a very sensual and erotic dance filled. Mambo is very similar to ballroom dancing latin dance group that is cha-chy. Very famous and beautiful showing the essence of this wonderful dance is a professional dancer of Cuban origin Eddi Torres. Thanks to great music and the dance is still alive and very well liked. Mambo is easy to learn because it is often a popular choice for dance classes. Like most energetic dances and disasters dress should be loose, not embarrassing movements. A woman should be enough to show a scantily dressed so very important in this dance, hip work.

Hungary for a change?

What do YOU know about this beautfiful country? Balaton lake, Vineyards, Gulash and Budapest.. A website I wandered into today - Hungarian Archive, reminded me a week to remember in those parts.. good time

Not a love story...

He appeared at my birthday party accompanying my friend. We fell in love at first sight. He even admitted that he was married. Invariably, I appreciate honesty in men. He was forthright and cheerful, very complicated. Broad-shouldered, well built. He was in his way a decent boyfriend. He betrayed his wife, but she didn't know and did not suffer. He had a lot of work and flexible working hours. He was quite well off and cared about his family. I was very disturbed that he was married, because I had serious emotional needs and that we as a couple had not carried out. I met with him as a friend, which bothered him a lot. It was a farce. My main problem at this stage was was how to get rid of him. I wanted to stay friends. I was so naive! Friendship between a man and a woman is like looking for the moon at high noon on a cloudless sky (Greta Garbo). But seriously - I really liked him and did not want to lose a friend.

Party time?

Social life is quiet at the moment. Need to go out and have some fun. But most of people went skiing, snowboarding, or are chilling on some exotic beaches in the south. I should theoretically focus on studying, but I just can't be bothered. I heard that some new clubs are opening soon in the city so just need to go and check them out. I fancy an old school funky house night, like in the old days.