Healthy diet in winter

1. The number of meals is important in the winter diet

- Should be at least four, and five optimally eaten as uniform intervals. The fact that every 3 hours eat something, we can maintain thermal balance in the body. Therefore, I recommend to eat every day: breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

2. Make sure you eat breakfast. Morning is the fastest fat burning and body best assimilates nutrients.

But it has to be specially scheduled breakfast. It should appeal to Chinese medicine, which is among the foods, the body emerged wyziębiające products. Our bodies wyziębiają first of all raw water and all beverages based on the crude that is not boiled: orangeades, tonics, pepsi but also beer. Wyziębiają the spices and salt and salt products to the forefront, and spices and acidic products. Products wychładzające almost all raw fruits and vegetables and cooked them so willingly salads and salad. And milk and milk products. So in conclusion, the winter should avoid these products, especially for breakfast - before leaving the house to freeze. Preferably in the morning to select high-quality meats.

3. Recall of childhood dinners and soups now undervalued. In winter it's a great meal full of healthy ingredients. A great idea for lunch, where they will not thicken or to add cream. Hot dishes should reign on our table.