Glucose - sugar grape, widely distributed in nature. Located in the vegetable juices, especially fruit. Amount of glucose in the fruit depends on their species and state of maturity. Glucose is a physiological sugar - in body fluids. Under the influence of yeast ferment
Galactose - rarely occurs in the free state. In plants, occurs primarily in the form of galactans (agar), and in animals min. as a component of milk sugar and cerebrosides.
Mannose - in the animal component of complex polysaccharides, which are part of protein simplexes. In the world of plant occurs as a hard carbohydrate (some species of nuts and beans). The diet does not play a major role,
Fructose - fruit sugar, found in fruit, fruit juice, honey. Fructose is sweeter than sucrose by 73%, dissolved in water, taste the fruit and honey.